Shomil Pant

Director, Future Leaders Fund
Joined on

16 July 2016




Indian School of Business


Spending time with family, Movie Buff, Driving and Swimming

What drew you to Avendus?

I have been working in the Healthcare industry since 2010. Interactions with various stakeholders across geographies as well as NCE and generic products research enabled me to get a detailed understanding of how companies think about their business, allied organic / inorganic growth as well as changing core areas of focus over time. Having always being inclined to deal making, the role at Avendus gave me the right platform to explore my passion and leverage my experience.

I joined the firm in July 16. The rapid pace at which the firm has grown and positive feedback about the culture got me interested in joining the firm. But a two-hour interview with one of the founders on a Sunday night gave me the feeling that Avendus really cares about its people and invests time in selecting them – that sealed the deal for me.

What has your journey in Avendus been like? How would you describe your role at the firm?

As a Vice President in the Healthcare domain of Investment Banking – I am responsible for scouting for opportunities and converting them into mandates. At Avendus, we have deep domain expertise and approach the prospective clients with an in-depth understanding of the industry. We focus on value adding outcomes rather than just a transaction mindset. There have been times when we have advised clients against transactions due to sub optimal returns. My role also involves working the team on collateral and model making as well as developing the team with as much industry knowledge as possible.

How has Avendus empowered you to succeed?

The Healthcare practice is relatively new, but the firm has been extremely supportive with all the initiatives we have undertaken. It has enabled us to build market presence and focus on high quality mandates rather than just chasing the smaller deals. On an individual level, the firm has empowered me to lead deals and see them through closure. There is nothing more fulfilling than gaining the trust of clients, internal teams and driving deals to closure.

What do you like most about the firm’s culture?

One of the things that stand out of me is the firm’s ability identify opportunities and expand into new horizons. Domain centricity along with a democratic and apolitical environment makes it a great place to work.

What is your advice to people seeking opportunities at Avendus?

Have a clear understanding of your objectives and long-term goals. We do a few things differently like having a domain centric approach in Investment Banking. Ensure that you have read up and researched adequately about the firm as you explore opportunities with us.

What do you like doing when you are not at work?

Outside of work, I am a movie buff and enjoy driving, swimming and spending quality time with my family.


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