Latesh Mota

Vice President, Ocean Dial Asset Management India Private Limited
Joined on

01 January 2016


Ocean Dial Asset Management India Private Limited


Masters in Business Administration in Finance


Watching Movies, Swimming, and Rifle Shooting

What made you join Avendus?

In last 5-6 years, Avendus has always been part of some historic deals in Indian market and hence the name AVENDUS is quite well known and familiar. Growth of the company is constantly improving which indicates the Best Management and people around is taking the company to “NEXT LEVEL” everyday which actually is quite motivating for any individual to be part of this company.

I completed my Masters in Business Administration in Finance from Cardiff University (U.K.) and was always inclined towards the jobs and roles which Avendus had to offer since it always matched my interests towards my career building.

How would you describe your role at the firm?

I work as Operations Manager with Ocean Dial Asset Management India Private Limited, prior to this I was working for another associate company called Avezo Advisors Private Limited in which I was part of Public Market Funds (AIF and PMS) along with PE Funds under the brand of Zodius. Due to such varied products in Avezo, it gave me immense opportunity to learn about this industry and know-how of this niche business.

How has Avendus empowered you to succeed?

Due to so many different products Avendus has in their basket, it gives us all great opportunity to learn and develop our own skills. I would say that Management team has been very flexible in giving out ample of opportunities to learn and succeed in life. Their role and involvement has always encouraged and motivated each one of us and that is the main reason for overall Firm growth as well as Individual growth and success.

What do you like most about the firm’s culture?

The most important culture I like about Avendus and which is visible as well is that “We do What is RIGHT”, they have always stood by their principles and defending what is right over anything else. I believe because of this principle, they have achieved this success in such competitive world and making the difference and growing “NEXT LEVEL” each day.

What is your advice to people seeking opportunities at Avendus?

If anyone wants to enhance their skills or develop new skills with live environment to gain knowledge and experience, I feel Avendus is the only place to work with, as you will definitely get ample of opportunities to learn, grow and eventually achieve success.

What do you like doing when you are not at work?

I like watching movies, swimming, and rifle shooting is something that excites me and meeting new people, learning and knowing them is what I look up to.


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