Mrinal Malhotra

Director, Client Relations, Avendus Wealth Management
Joined on

01 November 2016


Wealth Management


MBA in Finance


Travelling and exploring new food/cusines

What made you join Avendus?
  • How did you learn about Avendus

    Mostly through friends, newspaper (KKR stake announcement)

  • What drew you to the firm

    That it was entering into fast paced growth mode, entering into new business lines. Also, the fact that it was a young and dynamic place catering to clients with similar attributes

  • What were your professional interests/education background, how did they link to what Avendus had to offer

    Avendus Corporate Strategy role was a perfect fit for my 6 years of Strategy experience (at the time of joining) as it gave me an opportunity to ideate, implement and work on high impact projects at the Corporate Level

How would you describe your role at the firm?
  • I am the team lead (AVP) for the Corporate Strategy division
  • Role includes ideating, executing and supporting on Corporate Projects (organic and inorganic). This includes prospect evaluation, collateral preparation, counterparty interactions, due diligence and execution of transactions.
  • Preparing all internal and external communications/collaterals for Co-Founders, Senior Management (for board meetings, client meetings, internal strategy papers etc)
  • Centrally driving the business review processes via continuous interaction with business heads

How has Avendus empowered you to succeed?
  • Describe the environment, opportunities and support provided by the firm
    • Avendus has been the best place to work at in terms of the entrepreneurial spirit, listening to all view points including juniors, tremendous amount of in-house knowledge across businesses, “getting things done” attitude
    • The firm has provided me opportunity to work on 3 Corporate Projects in a single year i.e. Avezo Restructuring, OceanDial UK acquisition and KKR/Gaja Fund Raise. This is probably the maximum activity a growing firm can offer to a Corporate Strategy role
  • What has been your proudest moment in your time here
    • Obviously closure of all three transactions mentioned above, however, would specifically highlight the OceanDial UK acquisition which involved travelling to London for client due diligence as well as arranging financing for the deal. The deal had strict timelines linked to the transaction value and was closed as per plan
    • Direct and personal acknowledgment from the Founders on the work done

What do you like most about the firm’s culture?

Open, young, a-political, rewarding hardwork and entrepreneurial effort

What is your advice to people seeking opportunities at Avendus?

If you are looking to learn the ropes really fast and well (without the fear of a steep learning curve), Avendus is the place to be

What do you like doing when you are not at work?

I like travelling and exploring new food/cusines


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