Neeraj Shrimali

Managing Director and Co-head, Digital & Technology Investment Banking, Avendus Capital
Joined on

01 February 2014


Digital & Technology


DAVV University – MBA Finance


Spending time with family, watching movies and exploring restaurants

What made you opt for Avendus?

While I was working at a boutique investment bank, I was approached by Avendus for a role in the Digital & Technology team. It was early days for digital in India and there was a strong buzz around it. The idea of working on something that is very non-linear, working with dynamic and smart entrepreneurs and being part of a growing team excited me. In my earlier avatar, I was advising companies in conventional sectors and thought this could be a refreshing change.

Avendus was a growing name at that point of time, I had heard great things about Avendus from my friends working at the firm and from the investor community around quality, complexity of work handled, strong team, client centricity etc.

What has your journey in Avendus been like? How would you describe your role at the firm?

I have been with Avendus since Feb 2014. Currently, on the execution side, my role is to lead transactions and work with a team to achieve best possible outcomes for the clients. On the business development side, my role is to reach out to interesting companies and evaluate how Avendus can be a part of their growth journey. Apart from that, we as senior leadership work towards mentoring and training our people. 

How has Avendus inspired you to push your limits?

Avendus provides a very entrepreneurial set-up. It allows you to fail and provides support to learn and succeed. It is a truly autonomous organization where one regardless of the level, can shine by taking more ownership. This digital industry also respects knowledge irrespective of the age of the person. Our founders were sub 30 years of age when they started off as well.

Each deal brings in a sense of achievement in all of us. It makes me extremely happy and proud when we close a deal. Every deal involves a lot of effort from the entire team and all of us are very attached to the deals we work on. The feeling of contributing to the growth story of Avendus motivates us to go the extra mile.

What do you like most about the firm’s culture?

The culture of accepting nothing but excellence is what sets Avendus apart. This culture stems from the highest levels in the organisations and is ingrained in all of us across the firm. This along with complete ownership of ones work at all levels differentiates Avendus. This is the reason that the franchisee is constantly gaining higher grounds and is one of the best in India.

What is your advice to people seeking opportunities at Avendus?

If you believe in working hard and learning from some of the best minds in the industry, Avendus is the right place for you. Expect passionate, fun-filled and a cutting-edge environment.

What do you like doing when you are not at work?

When I am not at work, I love spending time with my family, playing with my son. I also love watching world movies and exploring restaurants.


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