Analyst Program

Our analyst program is a full-time program for candidates with at least one year of experience and is open to fresh graduates as well. Through this program, you will get a detailed understanding of our business verticals, interact with clients and build professional skills that set the foundation for your professional career.

Who can apply

Our analyst program is ideally suited for candidates with at least a year of prior experience. Fresh graduate students from any field of study may also apply.


We have a simple, concise, fair and interactive recruitment process:

We first screen candidates based on common metrices and business requirement

The screened pool of candidates go through a technical exercise/test

Shortlisted candidates go through an interview process. We generally have two to three rounds of interviews.

What do we look for in an ideal candidate?

Alignment to Avendus values:

Our values form the bedrock of what we stand for. Alignment to our values is a crucial factor for any candidate aspiring to join us.

Desire and application to be a potential leader:

Ability to think beyond the obvious and demonstrate next level leadership traits.

Analytical Thinking:

Ability to think and analyze situations logically.

Corporate Finance Knowledge:

Strong understanding of core concepts and application of corporate finance, accounting, investments, valuation etc.

The Analyst Journey -
What to expect

Work Environment

Unlike most other organizations, you will get exposure to clients and investors very early in your career. As an analyst, you will have the opportunity to contribute to business outcomes and be an integral part of the team. You will work closely with our business teams to solve complex problems and have all the support you need to deliver.


The best learning is always on the job – more so in our business than anywhere else. You will have the opportunity to work with and learn from best-in-class investors, clients, counter-parties and deals. In addition, you will receive hands on coaching and feedback from core team members. Classroom training sessions are also organized to help you upskill.

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