Internship Program

Majority of our internships are eight/ten-week long stints for penultimate year MBA students looking to explore a professional career in finance. Through this program we endeavour to identify high-potential talent that could join us full-time, post completion of their MBA degree. Interns are given critical projects, assigned mentors and work with business teams as part of this program.

Who can Apply

The Internship Program is open to penultimate year MBA students.


For summer internships, our recruitment dates are synced with campus placement schedules. We accept off campus applications on our website and are open to receiving applications for winter and autumn internship programs as well.

Once applications are received, we shortlist candidates based on metrices, common across campuses

For campus recruitments, the shortlisted pool candidates will have the opportunity to interact with Avendus campus representatives to get a better perspective about Avendus before recruitment day. At times, we administer a technical test/exercise as well.

We have a multi-panel personal interview process. To be selected, candidates must clear all interviews

What do we look for in an ideal candidate?

Alignment to Avendus Values

Our values form the bedrock of what we stand for. Alignment to our values is a crucial factor for any candidate aspiring to join us.

Desire to be a Potential leader

Ability to think beyond the obvious and demonstrate next level leadership traits.

Analytical Thinking

Ability to think and analyze situations logically.

Corporate Finance Knowledge

Strong understanding of core concepts and application of corporate finance, accounting, investments, valuation etc.

The Intern Journey


To equip our interns and reinforce critical knowledge and skills, we run a short induction program. The program is conducted by in-house faculty and focuses on giving you an understanding of our business, way we work and a brief recap of key concepts.

Internship Project and Mentoring

You will be given an internship project that will be structured around the business vertical that you are aligned to. You will work closely with a pre-assigned mentor that will guide and enable you to deliver high-quality output.


Your internship project will form the basis of your evaluation. In addition, your ability to demonstrate Avendus values and align with the Avendus culture will be factored into the overall evaluation. You will make a presentation to a panel of evaluators who will take feedback from your mentor as well. Pre-placement offers are made to Interns that demonstrate the right traits and have high potential for future development.

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