Asset Management

The Absolute Return Fund investment strategy is intended to produce absolute returns for investors with less volatility than the overall stock market and low correlation to conventional asset classes, across variety of market scenarios. The fund seeks positive, risk adjusted returns through long and short positions in equities and indices. On the long side, investments are made on fundamental, thematic and directional trades whilst shorts are utilised to hedge risk.

The Enhanced Return Fund investment strategy endeavours to outperform the Nifty 50 Index and minimize downside to the Index. The fund will invest 70% of the proceeds in a portfolio of 15-25 high conviction primarily large cap stocks based on a proprietary screener model. The balance 30% of funds will be utilised in a long/short portfolio to limit downside or enhance returns depending on market conditions, thereby fully capitalising on the team's 13 year track record of delivering absolute returns.

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