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Water is life, and wetlands are the life support systems that ensure smooth functioning of Earth’s water cycle. Wetlands receive flows of water and waste from upstream sources. They help stabilize and cleanse water supplies, protect shorelines and recharge groundwater aquifers. The extensive food chain and biological diversity in wetlands make them ‘biological supermarkets’. They are indeed an important part of our natural wealth. Despite their tremendous value, wetlands are also one of the most rapidly degrading ecosystems.

Avendus’ partnership with Wetlands International, South Asia , a leading non-profit organization in the wetland conservation area is a small step towards creating science-based wetland conservation solutions that can apply not only to India but to the rest of the world.

We have currently extended support to Wetlands for two of their key projects: Asian Waterbird Census and assessing management effectiveness of Ramsar Sites. These projects aim to build valuable information dossier on Indian wetlands to support their effective management.

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