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Managed Security Services

The global Managed Security Services (MSS) market size was USD 15 billion in 2018, and is projected to grow to USD 23 billion by 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15%. Read our industry report for more insights.

IT Managed Services

Managed Services is slated to be among the fastest growing segment in the technology services space. Click here to read our detailed industry report.

Internet Of Things; Surreal Becomes Real

The global Internet Of Things (IoT) market is galloping towards becoming USD 1.3 trillion in size by 2021. The convergence of disruptive technologies and rapidly evolving business models is accelerating the adoption of IoT technologies.

Hyper-growth of AWS ecosystem

This report offers insights into AWS - its offerings, benefits (compared to traditional on-premise infrastructure), partner ecosystem and deal activity.

Distressed Investments in India : The Time is Ripe

The report captures the recent developments seen in distressed assets space and why it is garnering more and more attention from the investor community. It also shares key points which should be considered by the investor while investing in this space.

Study of Healthcare Techniology Services

The report gives an overview of the regulatory changes seen in the US Healthcare industry and its impact on IT/BPO segments. It also sheds light on the key drivers for outsourcing of IT healthcare services and the potential to outshore them to Indian players.

UI/UX and Digital Transformation

The report attempts to assess the market for e-commerce technology, back-office operations and digital marketing technology services segments. Further, it shares the potential of outsourcing these to Indian market.

Cyber Security

The report gives an overview of the global cyber security industry, key drivers of growth.

Global Outlook on Analytics Industry

A global outlook on the increasing significance of analytics as part of the IT-BPM Industry.

Artificial Intelligence & Robotic Process Automation Primer

This report offers basic understanding of AI and RPA along with overview on market trends, financial trends, opportunities and key players.

Women's Apparel Industry

The report helps in identifying opportunities by understand the landscape of women's apparel industry in India.

Outsourced Custom Software Development - Industry Overview

The global Engineering R&D Market (ER&D) is a USD 232 Bn opportunity comprising of Embedded, Software and Mechanical segments. Read the report to know about the landscape, emerging markets and opportunities.

India goes Digital - A Birdseye View of the Indian Digital Consumer Industry

The report gives an overview of the digital consumer landscape in India and the various factors that will drive change within this industry in the years to come.

India's Mobile Internet - September, 2013

The report captures various trends that have been changing the face of mobile internet industry and showcases some organizations that have gained scale by focusing on mobile as a primary medium for revenue generation.

Specialty Chemicals in India

The report is an attempt to make a deep dive into the key segments within the specialility chemicals industry that constitutes a significant part of the Indian chemicals industry and depict their comparisions on various performance parameters.

Restaurant Industry Report

The report gives an overview of the global restaurant industry and shares various operational best practices followed globally for Indian restaurants to take inspiration from.

The Theory of Inevitability

The report “The Theory of Inevitability”, explores how technology is disrupting underlying industries and bridging the demand-supply gap by unlocking capacity, adding incremental supply, improving distribution, and facilitating discovery

Logistics-tech – Re-architecting the nervous system of the economy

The report takes an in-depth look at three verticals within Logistics Tech – Trucking Tech, Fulfilment for E-commerce and Hyperlocal Logistics. and elaborates upon supplyside shortages with incumbents that created an imminent need for leapfrogging on the back of technology

Specialty Chemicals : From Opportunity to Reality

Avendus in colloboration with CHEMTECH developed this report to give an overview on the changing global trends that serve as an inspiration to Indian manufactures for converting available opportunities into realities.

Cloud Services & Key Players

This report focusses on the key players involved in the cloud services space and its market dynamics – specifically in the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS segments of the overall cloud services industry. It also covers the top 5 players in this segment and their strategy for the next 5 years.

Key Elements of Nasscom's Predictions till 2020

This report highlights the current state of the global and Indian IT-BPM industry and even throws light on medium and long term future outlook forecasted by NASSCOM. The report also tries to showcase how the structural macro-economic changes continue to impact the industry.

Flavours, Fragrances and Nutraceutical Ingredients in India

The report focuses on Flavors, Fragrances and Nutraceutical Ingredients, a segment with high growth rates, healthy margins and returns, and a number of fast growing companies.

Packaging 2.0 : Unboxing the E-Commerce Opportunity

We attempt to bring to light the nuances of packaging with examples of companies who have been successful in creating suitable packaging solutions.