Avendus India Funds I & II beat benchmark BSE small cap by 17.7% and 26.7% since inception. The funds outperform the India small and mid cap mutual funds by 9.0% and 13.1% since inception

18th January 2013 | Mumbai | Investment Banking

Avendus PE Investment Advisors Ltd. , which focuses on private investment in public enterprises (PIPE), has released its performance analysis data as on December 31st 2012. As per Morningstar, a leading independent investment analysis firm, Avendus Fund I and II have beaten the benchmark BSE Small Cap Index by a substantial margin and are top performers when compared to the India Small and Mid cap mutual funds.

Since 2009 the Indian stock market has been on a rollercoaster ride; however Avendus Fund I launched in September 2009, has given compounded annualized returns of 17.99% since inception, as compared to the BSE small cap returns of 0.30% and India Small and Mid cap mutual fund returns of 8.96%. The pattern continues with Avendus Fund II, launched in January 2011, giving compounded annualized returns of 14.10% since inception as compared to BSE small cap which gave returns of -12.63% and India Small and Mid cap mutual fund returns of 1%. The funds were launched with a similar investment strategy of investing in fundamentally strong under researched midcap companies (market cap < US$ 1 billion), using the private equity evaluation approach.

Manoj Thakur, CEO, Avendus PE Investment Advisors, said,” The investing objective of the Funds is to deliver returns for its investors through long term investing in listed small and midcap companies. The Funds intend to bring a private equity evaluation approach to public markets which entail an in-depth primary research, multiple management meetings, thorough commercial diligence including several customer feedback and reference checks on management with emphasis on active engagement with investee companies.”

Both Funds typically take equity stakes of less than 5% through both primary and secondary investments. While being sector agnostic the funds have a preference for sectors which benefit from India’s rising consumer discretionary spend, rural prosperity and rapid urbanization. It selectively invests in companies undergoing special situations like corporate restructuring, entry into new business, step jump in profit margins etc.

As per the latest figures of December 31st 2012, Fund I has exited from 3 investments with 2 investments giving a return of 3 times in less than two years. It has delivered a return of 94.31% YTD(CY 2012) as compared to the BSE Small Cap Index of 32.97%. Fund II has been 90% deployed and has delivered a return of 50.36% YTD( CY 2012)as compared to the BSE small cap Index 32.97%.

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