Institutional Investors

Avendus works with a wide range of institutional investors across several products suited to their investment targets. To find out how more about how Avendus can add value to institutional investors, click on the services of interest to you:

  • Equity Capital Markets

    Avendus Capital provides institutional investors access to public market issues such as IPOs, FPOs and QIPs More

  • Financial Sponsors Group

    Avendus Capital, Avendus Capital,Inc and Avendus Capital (UK) work with financial sponsors, such as private equity funds to assist them with their investments and exits More

  • Institutional Equities

    Avendus has strategic partnership through equity stake in IL&FS Broking Services Private Limited (IBSPL). Clients of Avendus can avail research on equity capital market and insights through IBSPL More

  • Alternative Asset Management

    Avendus PE Advisors enables Limited Partners (LPs) to generate superior returns through exposure to its alternative asset management products More

  • Wealth Management

    Avendus Capital helps financial institutions such as mutual funds, hedge funds and private equity funds distribute their products to its High Net Worth Individual (HNI) clients More