Namesh Chhangani

Vice President, Avendus Capital Public Markets Alternate Strategies LLP
Joined on

07 November 2016


Hedge Fund




Watching sports and spending time with my family

What drew you to Avendus?

Being a financial analyst, I always read about Avendus. The growth that the firm has experienced backed by the KKR investment, made me believe that firm is on the road to creating a large and unique financial services platform. One thing that I always look for in a company is its knowledge bank -  Avendus has this in plenty. 

What has your journey in Avendus been like? How would you describe your role at the firm?

I joined Avendus in November 2016 in the newly incubated Alternate Asset Management team. We have gone from strength to strength to become one of the largest domestic AIF CAT 3 funds in the country. It has been a wonderful and exhilarating journey through which we have managed to deliver committed returns in FY 18. I am looking forward to scaling new heights as a part of the team.

My role in the team involves conducting in-depth analysis of stocks and sectors to share inputs with our fund management team.  The fund managers use these inputs to make investment decisions.  

How has Avendus empowered you to succeed?

Avendus has a conducive work environment which includes empowering employees and giving you the platform to explore your potential. I have experienced this first hand when I was tasked to develop a differentiated fund offering. My team and I developed an Enhanced Return Product (based on an inhouse fundamental screener) within 6 months. This product was a first of its kind in the market and has received a very positive response from investors and distributors.

What do you like most about the firm’s culture?

One thing that best describes the culture at Avendus is its “cohesive” work environment. The firm promotes a One Avendus culture and encourages cross vertical teams to deliver value adding solutions to clients. The successful partnership between the Alternate Asset Management and the Wealth Management team is a great example of us living the One Avendus mantra.

What is your advice to people seeking opportunities at Avendus? 

If you are passionate about a challenging yet transparent and open work environment, then Avendus is a place you should consider. It not only gives you an opportunity to learn new things but also allows you to work independently. 

What do you like doing when you are not at work?

When I am not at work, I love watching sports and spending time with my family 


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