Our philosophy on our responsibilities to the community extends our business principles – that we will deploy not only our financial resources, but also the knowledge and talent pool we have.

In all of our community investments, we adhere to the following guiding principles:

• Focus on large, global challenges, where one can create real impact on the ground
• Engage the time and talent of the people at Avendus in any community programs we support
• Partner with best-in-class non-profit organizations who have deep expertise and experience in their field

Avendus has partnered with Wetlands International, South Asia ( , a leading non-profit organization in the wetland conservation area. Wetlands are one of the most crucial and fragile ecosystems in the world and our effort is focused to create science based wetland conservation solutions that can apply not only to India but to the rest of the world.

Currently, we are supporting two projects:

a) Creating a Management Effectiveness Tracking tool to enable assessing impact of management on wetland status and functioning.
b) Supporting Asian Waterbird Census, a citizen science programme for waterbirds, an important indicator of wetland ecosystem health.

To know more about Avendus' community initiatives, please e-mail