business philosophy

Avendus' business philosophy embodies its culture and is used by its team both for internal and external interactions. It pervades businesses and geographies. The values defining Avendus and its team are not empty words or phrases, but lie at its core, defining their identity and professional behaviour.

  • Teamwork

    To use the power of all team members in harnessing solutions for clients with the firm's and client's interest preceding any individual interest.

  • Integrity

    To be true and honest with everyone and have the ability to fearlessly voice opinions without biases.

  • Diversity

    To encourage exchange of thoughts, backgrounds and inputs, divergent but honed towards a common goal.

  • Meritocracy

    To acknowledge merit and reward talent, skill, perseverance and creativity ahead of age, seniority and any other bias.

  • Orientation towards excellence

    To have benchmarks that compare with the best in class globally and strive towards a work output that significantly exceeds client expectations.

  • Professionalism

    To have the highest standards of conduct in dealing with all stakeholders and have systems, policies and behaviour which encourage organizational effectiveness.

  • Fun

    To enjoy the process of working, in a fun-filled, vibrant environment, which encourages people to reach their potential.