The Avendus Group (Avendus) is a leading provider of financial services with an emphasis on customized solutions in the areas of financial advisory, capital markets, wealth management and alternative asset management. Our clients include institutional investors, corporates and high net worth families. These services are provided through varied delivery channels and specialized subsidiaries.

Avendus leverages insights, relationships and a culture that emphasizes a strong orientation towards excellence, to offer services to its clients. The Group relies on its extensive experience, in-depth domain understanding and knowledge of the regulatory environment, to offer customized solutions that enable clients to meet their strategic aspirations.

Services offered by Avendus include:

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Avendus is headquartered in Mumbai, India and has offices in Bengaluru (erstwhile Bangalore) and Gurgaon. The organisation has a strong network of relationships in India, and works extensively with clients across the globe. In addition Avendus Capital, Inc (US) and Avendus Capital (UK) Pvt. Ltd. are the subsidiaries offering M&A and Private Equity syndication services to clients in the US and UK respectively.