Financial Sponsors Group

Avendus Capital works proactively with financial sponsors in identifying companies to partner with, executing their investment strategy, and assisting in evaluating exit opportunities.

With its industry knowledge and track record, Avendus Capital makes available market maps, corporate access, and structuring and negotiation expertise for the benefit of its clients.

Due to its deep and wide reach into the mid-market segment and superior industry knowledge on account of its domain focus, Avendus Capital has the ability to originate relevant targets for financial sponsors to invest in. Its vast experience with PE transactions, coupled with in-depth knowledge of the entire process, ensures it is able to help clients make efficient investments.

It provides clients value-added advice on their portfolio and works extensively with the investee company and the financial sponsor in creating growth opportunities through M&A and raising capital. Avendus Capital also helps clients with exit planning, through secondary buyouts or by taking companies public with the help of its Equity Capital Markets practice.

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