Credit Solutions

We at Avendus Finance offer structured funding solutions to high-quality entrepreneurs. Our ability to ascribe value to unlisted businesses and derive comfort from seemingly illiquid collateral differentiates us and encourages entrepreneurs to pursue their growth ambitions. Our solutions enable entrepreneurs to avoid diluting control and tide over cashflow timing mismatch.


Private Equity /
JV partner take-out

We facilitate promoters to re-gain control of their businesses from private equity (PE) investors / joint venture (JV) partners by providing flexible capital that leverages the value of unlisted shares. Our solutions are structured in consideration of cashflow availability, business environment, tax and regulatory requirements.


We provide simple structured credit solutions to companies and its existing management to buy out majority of shares from existing shareholders and take control of the company. We ensure quick turnaround with limited due diligence, as the buyers are already well versed with the specifics of the company.

Funding Promoters’
Equity Infusion

We offer flexible finance to promoters / holding companies to help them invest in the growth of their subsidiaries / project special purpose vehicles (SPVs). This type of funding enables the company to delay dilution and in turn monetize operational assets to fund new assets.

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