Namit Agarwal

Associate, Ocean Dial India
Joined on

14 September 2015


Ocean Dial

Education - Mumbai University


Reading, playing football and chess

What made you join Avendus?

Prior to joining Avendus, I was working in Transaction Advisory in another firm. My assignments at that point, included quite a few due diligence mandates, that were being run by Avendus. I was curious to learn more about this investment bank which was being mandated on every other deal in the market. By 2015, Avendus had started hitting the top position in most of the M&A / PE syndication league tables, and was no longer considered a boutique investment bank. From market feedback and from what I could gather, Avendus seemed like a firm that placed a lot of importance on its junior employees, which wasn’t the case with most foreign banks. Considering my experience and education, moving to Avendus seemed to be the most natural shift.

How would you describe your role at the firm?

In my stint since September 2015, I have worked in three roles. I started out with Avendus in investment banking, where I was working on cross border M&A deals, focussing on the Enterprise Technology space. After my stint in investment banking, I moved to the capital strategies team where I was involved in the acquisition of Ocean Dial Asset Management, by Avendus. Currently, I have moved to Ocean Dial as an Investment Analyst, where I am responsible for generating stock ideas for the fund that currently manages ~ USD 700 million across Indian equities.

How has Avendus empowered you to succeed?

The environment at Avendus is  collegial, with small teams working on specific assignments. This requires junior employees to take a lot of responsibility, very early on in their career. Avendus is a very employee-centric firm and allows its employees to follow their passion. It gives you opportunities and supports you with the resources you need to deliver. I don’t think I would have got the exposure and opportunities that I have received so far in any other set up.

What has been your proudest moment in your time here?

Proudest movement for me was working on the Ocean Dial acquisition by Avendus. As the deal was a highly complex one which involved multiple stakeholder and jurisdictions, it was a fantastic learning experience. Joining the Ocean Dial team has been the icing on the cake.

What do you like most about the firm’s culture?

Working in small work groups allows us to take a lot of responsibility and ownership, it also provides significant visibility and recognition for the efforts we put in. Avendus goes above and beyond to ensure, that the junior most employees are taken care off and encourages them to share their views. This motivates us to go the extra mile.

What is your advice to people seeking opportunities at Avendus?

Avendus is a great place to start and build your career, as it allows you to take a lot of responsibility, very early on into the job. If taking ownership and accountability excites you, Avendus is the place to be.

What do you like doing when you are not at work?

When not at work I love reading, playing football and chess.


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